Hosting Rack Space UK

Our rack space colo plans are tremendous value for money and the lowest prices available in the UK. Below are three pre-configured packages, but you can always contact us about custom packages.

Quarter Rack Colo

  • 10U Space
  • 4 Amps Power
  • Shared Rack
  • /29 (5 Usable IPs)
  • 1 Gbit Uplink
  • 10Mbps CDR (95th %tile)
  • Free reboots
  • Free Setup(limited offer)
  • £240 / month
  • or £2400 / Year (15% saving)

Half Rack Colo

  • 20U Space
  • 8 Amps Power
  • Shared Rack
  • /28 (13 Usable IPs)
  • 1 Gbit Uplink
  • 20Mbps CDR (95th %tile)
  • Free reboots
  • Free Setup(limited offer)
  • £430 / month
  • or £4300 / Year (15% saving)

Full Rack Colo

  • 42U Space
  • 16 Amps Power
  • Dedicated Rack
  • /27 (29 Usable IPs)
  • 1 Gbit Uplink
  • 40Mbps CDR (95th %tile)
  • Free reboots
  • Free Setup(limited offer)
  • £750 / month
  • or £7500 / Year (15% saving)

We use Tier 2/3 DCs located in Maidenhead, Berkshire with ISO 27001 certification, 3 levels of security barriers with 24/7 security staff, 24/7 NOC, multiple diverse incoming power to 2MW on site sub-stations, full N+1 UPS protection, multiple on site diesel generators, diverse dark fibre connectivity back to multiple London POPs, N+1 HVAC cooling, VESDA fire detection with FM200 gas suppression systems.

Best Hosting Rack Space in UK

At FutureServers, we expedite the value of the cloud during every stage of digital alteration. By controlling apps, data, protection and multiple clouds, we are the most suitable choice to help clients get to the cloud, innovate with new technologies and maximise their IT ventures.

As a recognised rack space UK based company, we are uniquely placed to close the gap between the complicated reality of today and the outlook of tomorrow. We are passionate about customer success. We provide unbiased expertise based on verified outcomes across all the leading technologies. And across every interaction worldwide, we deliver a positive experience.

Futureservers is the trademark name for rack space hosting cloud storage services. UK rack space services include cloud files, cloud block storage and cloud backup. The Rackspace cloud platform provides everything you need to establish websites and applications that scale servers, storage, networking, APIs, and more. The rack space cloud is based on OpenStack, which is a collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists producing the universal open-source cloud computing program for unrestricted and private clouds. Hosting rack space UK cloud files have a pricing model that is based on practice.

Clients are priced for storage usage as well as for incoming bandwidth but are not charged for bandwidth or subsistence. The Futureservers is amongst the best web hosting UK based businesses that provide cheap colo services and basic features such as replication, ensured uptime, mobile access and disaster recovery architecture. Rack space services administered by Futureservers also allows cloud block storage and cloud backup.

We are among the best reseller hosting UK based companies that achieve higher attainment than object-based clouds by utilising a combination of hard drives and compact drives. Rack space cloud backup presents file-level backups and adopts compression, deduplication and encryption to cut storage expenses and enhance security.