R1Soft Licenses and CDP Storage

FutureServers is a R1Soft Hosting Partner and we resell R1Soft licences at the best price possible. R1Soft is a patented software which allows you to take bare metal backups of your server in increments, thereby giving you snapshosts of your server at regular intervals. You can backup Linux and Windows servers.

R1Soft Licenses

You have your own backup server

  • From only £4 per agent
  • Support with R1Soft through us
  • Generous discounts for bulk orders
  • Linux or Windows
  • 30 Email Accounts
  • From £4.00 Monthly Cost
  • From £40.00 Annual Cost

R1Soft UK storage

We store your backups on UK servers

  • From 100GB UK Storage
  • RAID-10 Storage
  • 10 recovery points
  • Daily backups
  • Email Reports
  • From £15.00 Monthly Cost
  • From £150.00 Annual Cost

R1Soft Cloud Storage

We store your backups on the Cloud

  • From 100GB Cloud Storage
  • Redundant Storage
  • 10 Recovery Points
  • Hourly backups
  • Email Reports
  • From £20.00 Monthly Cost
  • From £240.00 Annual Cost

R1Soft Licenses and Storage

Futureservers propose CDP storage as well as R1soft licences to make restoring files a blessing for your business, you can restore the few records from the backup or repair them all. CDP (Continuous Data Protection) is recognised as the industry-leading commercial backup software in the web hosting industry. It powers over 250,000 servers worldwide and supporting full adaptability with both Linux and Windows, which makes R1Soft licenses the fastest, most reliable and scalable backup platform for your business. If your server crashes and breaks, you can restore a Bare-Metal restore which restores the server right down to the Operating system.

R1Soft Licenses and CDP Storage is the future of data protection. CDP typically uses just 15% of added storage, resulting in dramatic savings and significant amounts of free space. Futureservers also presents UK server colo services as well as cloud architect. Our company provides UK, dedicated servers services. R1Soft does block-level backups instead of file-level backups like solutions such as resync, snapshot. By this, it generates a very low load on the servers it backs up.

Our company is among the most trustworthy UK hosting companies that offer R1Soft Hosting services. We sell R1Soft license at the most affordable price for our clients. R1Soft is a patented software which allows you to take bare-metal backups of your server in increments. You can do full bare metal restores when your server or VPS go belly up.

If you're determining how much storage you'll need on your server, the best way is to get a benchmark or ordinary data shift in your circumstances. R1Soft CDP advises you apply the following example and specifications to achieve your reference.

For instance: If you own 1TB disk, approximately 400GB of data at any granted time, and the average data change between backups is 100MB, and you prefer to keep 30 recovery points. The equation would resemble this: 1TB * 5% + 4OOGB + 100MB * 30~= about 1.2TB per server without compression. Using even more economical levels of compression, you can decrease this amount by 50 per cent.