Free Domain

*Available to new customers only. We provide you with a free domain of your choice every time you buy hosting with us and choose to pay annually.

Paying annually reduces the administration costs for us, and reduces the price for you. To say thanks for making our admin that little bit easier, we'll give you a free domain of your choosing.

A prosperous website starts with the proper free domains name. Domains are your online business address, and it is how people find your site when it's filed on a server. At Futureservers, you can register free domains on your account, which implies that you can manage as many sites as you like, all from one place. And our extensive domain manager helps get free domains and integrates it into your control panel and makes it easy to register free domains, transfer existing ones and manage all of your domains in one place. You can buy free domains for an affordable price.

Futureservers is among the best website hosting UK based company that can help you keep your domains now to make sure you don't miss out on the most suitable domain for your site. And, as a bonus, your domain will begin to build itself with search engines to give you a head start with SEO while you develop your site.

We are the best dedicated server hosting UK based company renews your domain once your ownership expires and the domain is available to the public, it can be taken by someone else. Futureservers offers auto-renewal services, so you don't have to worry about your domain ownership lapsing unexpectedly.

We update your privacy rights to block your contact information on the WHOIS database and substitute it with ours, so your private information is always guarded with the help of our cloud service architecture.

We allow you to host as many domains as you want from one Futureservers account, including primary domains, parked domains, add-on domains and subdomains. We are among the best UK hosting companies that can help you take your business on a higher level. Our professional team of technicians is available 24/7 for you. In case you have any queries, Call us now.

TLDs that are valid with our free domain offer: / .com / .net / .biz