Data Centre

Network Providers:


AboveNet has a global optical network of 1.5 million fibre miles and are well know for their service, reliability and performance.


Tiscali has strong European network coverage as well as being present in most of the major US peering points, in particular Tiscali has excellent and diverse local European ISP connectivity.

Level 3

Level 3 operate one of the largest and most reliable communications and Internet backbones in the world.


Sprint has a global IP network with an excellent reputation for reliability


Verizon has joined forces with MCI to form Verizon Business, a leading provider of advanced communications services for large businesses, government and international organizations. The vision: To create one truly seamless, local-toglobal IP network.

Cable and Wireless

Cable & Wireless is one of the world’s leading international communications companies. Network World recently ranked Cable & Wireless as having a top performing ISP network backbone delivering 'picture-perfect availability' with zero downtime and perfect uptime.


As a leading European telecommunications player, KPN owns a highquality data and IP network which spans 50 business and financial centres in 22 European countries.


NTT's Global IP Network is designed and built exclusively to provide reliable, high availability, high-speed data transmission. Utilising the full bandwidth of a world-class, Tier-1 global network spanning four continents, NTT delivers the global reach, resilience, performance and service levels your business demands.


LINX is the largest exchange point globally measured in terms of its network and the internet routes which are directly accessible from its peering LAN.


LINX typically provide more direct and better performing connectivity to the end user. Peering allows us to directly connect to some of the major ISPs for the direct transfer of traffic without having to use a transit provider across the public Internet.

More About Data Centers

Our Futureservers, data centre tool, is planned based on the UTI Tier III model, which indicates 2N redundancy on all critical systems, delivering remarkably high levels of server data centre availability. Futureservers is leading the server data center industry in developing actions to reduce power dissipation impacts, and keep our PUE ratings as moderate as possible (planned PUE < 1.08).

Futureservers data center:

  • 5.000 m2 of built floor for colocation.
  • Raised (4 meter) data floor above sea level (NAP).
  • Modular and excessive service.
  • Qualified technical staff on-site 24/7.

Futureservers UK server colo data center plan is well-connected by two separate meet-me-rooms, interconnect with a wide variety of connectivity providers, all influential Internet exchanges (IX) and global cloud service providers through dual fibre records. The data center is positioned on the prime fibre system routes from international carriers and determinations. The possibility to relate to large quantities of content and digital media corporations, enterprises, providers of commercial services, cloud services, IT co-operation, and local and Internet service providers.

20 MVA connection from the National Grid, meaning 10 MVA of 2N Green power available from renewable sources. Futureservers is the best website hosting UK based company that is composed based on the UTI Tier models, which determines 2N redundancy on all significant systems, delivering notably high levels of service availability.

We are among the best VPS hosting UK based companies that are outlined based on very experienced (pPUE < 1.04) and redundant and highest energy efficiency standards. Our data center helps realize significant energy savings and CO2 emissions reductions.

We offer cheap dedicated server uk services and tools such as azure architecture so when you store your IT infrastructure in our data center, it's protected by advanced security systems and protocols. These include multi-layered access system based on proximity cards, biometric browsers and man traps combined with an upper-level digital CCTV network and 24×7 on-site staff.